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Another secure sex video clip has just been circulated to carry consciousness about defense while having sex for queer ladies. Traditional intercourse knowledge in schools like are merely actually ever aimed towards heterosexuals and gives no advice for lesbian or bisexual women to . Queer guys are produced aware of utilizing condoms, exactly what exists for queer females to protect them from STDS or attacks?

A BuzzFeed Yellow video show entitled “within the cabinet,” with Jen and Niki (who both recognize as lesbians), obtained the main topics â€˜safe intercourse for females’ in a charming, entertaining, but in addition essential video suggesting queer women how-to remain safe whilst having sex.

Listed here are two important suggestions they make into the movie:

Dental Dams

Dentistry Dams would be the female version of a condom. a dental dam is a thin little bit of exudate which can be pushed facing the vagina during dental sex. It can help protect against intimately transmitted illnesses and attacks penetrating through the tongue of a lady giving oral sex that assist avoid the girl that is obtaining the dental gender from contracting such a thing via the woman partner’s language.

Inquiring your partner once they last got tried

That is certainly first of all a lady should do before she’s got gender with an other woman. It really is essential for women, both queer and straight to get examined on a regular basis to be certain they may not be holding any STDs or attacks and being available and truthful with a new sexual companion is very important maintain yourself protected.